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About Us

The Irish Wolfhound Club was established in 1885 by Captain George Augustus Graham to encourage the breeding of quality Irish Wolfhounds. It continues in the present day to promote the maintenance of true breed type.

Irish Wolfhound breeders are the custodians of this magnificent breed and it is their responsibility to breed hounds who conform to the Standard of Excellence.

Typical Irish Wolfhounds should still be strong, fit and athletic enough to do the job for which they were originally bred - that of hunting wolves. However, it is equally important that a steady and typical temperament is also maintained.

Wolfhounds should be 'gentle when stroked, fierce when provoked' - 'lions in the chase, lambs at home'.

It is essential that such large, powerful hounds remain sweet-natured and kind as companions. Responsible breeders will always strive to breed from hounds who are sound in both mind and body.
~   Officials 2023 - 2024  ~

 Patron:   Regimental Lieutenant Colonel of the Irish Guards

President:  Dagmar Kenis Pordham
Vice Presidents:  Noel Box, Sue Cole, Kathy Johnson,
Hilary Jupp, Anne Webb, Sue Wilkinson

Chairman:  Sue Cole  
Vice Chairman:  Noel Box

Treasurer: John Sharpe     
Secretary: Debbie Treadwell     Tel: 07855 663697

~ Committee ~
Hazel Barnes,  Pat Box, Sonali Das Simpson,  Kathy Goodall,  Nicola Keeling,
Alan Lefley, Denise Pateman, Kate Sharratt (co-opted), Helen  Sheppard.

Show manager:  Denise Pateman
Show secretary: Sue Wilkinson
Chief steward:  Alan Lefley

Trophy steward:  Caroline Sheppard
Assistant trophy steward:   Nic Keeling

Breed Education Co-ordinator: Debbie Tebbutt
Auditor:  Rob McLeod
Archivist:   Anne Vaudin

All Irish Wolfhound enthusiasts are welcome to join the Irish Wolfhound Club.

Due to the increase in numbers of Irish Wolfhounds members are urged to consider very carefully before breeding a litter or allowing their dogs to be used at stud, and to restrict the number of litters produced by their bitches.

Members are also urged to ensure that all Irish Wolfhounds sold, or changing hands solely as companions, have their Kennel Club Registration Certificates endorsed "Progeny not for Registration". It is the duty of every Member and Associate Member to carry out this request.

Since 1975 anyone wishing to join the Club has been admitted as an Associate Member for the first three years. After this period they can then apply to the Committee, under Rule 3, to become a Full Member. People living abroad are able to join as Overseas Members. Associate and Overseas Members have the same rights as Full Members except that they are not eligible to vote, or hold office in the Club.

Each year the Club holds three shows in the Midlands area, easily accessible to all. There is also a rally and fun day arranged as a summer social event with friendly competitions for the hounds and plenty of opportunity to chat to friends old and new.

To try to improve the social side of the Club, local area secretaries have been appointed to eight parts of the country to ensure members are kept informed of local activities that they may wish to take part in or assist in organising.

South East:   Debbie Treadwell, Long Sutton

South West:  Sheena Evans, Newton Abbott   Tel:  07872 900898

North East:  Nic Keeling, Doncaster   Tel:  01405 812144

North West:   Carol Stirling, Wigan     Tel: 01942 521474

Midlands:  Noel Box, Worcester    Tel: 01905 457239

East Anglia:   Caroline Sheppard, King's Lynn   Tel: 01553 810995

Wales:   Don Reeves, Anglesey     Tel: 01407 832357

The oldest Irish Wolfhound club in the world.
Established in 1885 by Capt George Augustus Graham.
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