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The Irish Wolfhound Club was established in 1885 by Captain George Augustus Graham to encourage the breeding of quality Irish Wolfhounds. It continues in the present day, to promote the maintenance of true breed type.

Irish Wolfhound breeders are the custodians of this magnificent breed and it is their responsibility to breed hounds who conform to the Standard of Excellence.

Typical Irish Wolfhounds should still be strong, fit and athletic enough to do the job for which they were originally bred - that of hunting wolves.  However, it is equally important that a steady and typical temperament is also maintained.

Wolfhounds should be 'gentle when stroked, fierce when provoked' - 'lions in the chase, lambs at home'.

It is essential that such large, powerful hounds remain sweet-natured and kind as companions.  Responsible breeders will always strive to breed from hounds who are sound in both mind and body.

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