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Please take me to the top of the page.
General sites

Hilary Jupp's site
A wealth of information on health, homoeopathic remedies,
living with your wolfhound, temperament, history of the breed, etc.

Irish Wolfhound Health Group
The purpose of the group is to monitor and promote the health
and welfare of the breed. The group has produced an information
leaflet for owners, especially those new to the breed. It is a light
hearted insight into rearing, living with and health issues of
Irish Wolfhounds. The group also arranges heart testing regionally
and at some shows.

Camino Books
Free photo showcase for your champion Irish Wolfhounds
(includes UK and European champions)

Irish Wolfhound Rescue Trust

Fine Art Pastels by Colleen
Raising funds for the IWC Health Fund and IW Rescue Trust

Irish Wolfhound Seizure/PRA & PCD Study

Irish Wolfhound Pedigrees

Dog Walk Bloggs

Irish Wolfhound Club