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January 2021
Associate Members
If you took out an associate membership of the Club prior to 2018, you are now eligible to apply for full membership.  This will offer you the opportunity to have a vote in how the Club is run and also to run for committee if you would like more active involvement.  To apply for full membership you will need to be proposed and seconded by two other full members of at least one year's standing (Rule 3(1)(b) refers) and a written application submitted to the Treasurer John Sharpe to be approved.

We welcome all input from our membership, this helps us to keep steering the Club in the right direction and new and fresh ideas will ensure the future of this, the oldest Irish Wolfhound Club in the world.


Following a Committee meeting, it is with much disappointment that the decision has been taken to postpone the 2021 Irish Wolfhound Club Championship Show scheduled for Good Friday, 2 April.  Based on all the government and scientific advice, we feel the Covid situation is still far too fluid to risk the health and safety of our members and exhibitors.  We have, however, secured an extra date at Stoneleigh on Sunday, 12 December 2021 and our judge-elect, Jean Timmins, has confirmed her availability to officiate, so we intend to move the 2021 Championship Show to this date.
Our carried forward 2020 Championship Show remains scheduled for Monday, 30 August 2021 with judge-elect Chris MacLeod officiating.  

We will continue to closely monitor all the announcements in the hope that we will be able to run some of our scheduled events. However, please be aware that further continuation of restrictions is also likely to impact our May dates. We will keep the membership advised accordingly through our website and FB news page. With shows clamouring to get going it may mean that we have events that will run closely up against other shows but we are doing our best to avoid a direct clash where possible.
As always, keep yourselves, your family and your hounds safe and well and we very much look forward to seeing our members at some stage in 2021!


September 2020
IWC Open Show 2020
The Officers and Committee are disappointed to announce that the difficult decision has been made to postpone the Club Open Show, due to  take place at Stoneleigh on 5 December, 2020. The health and safety of everyone who might attend such an event has always been our main priority and there are significant concerns with staging a show in an  indoor venue. We have contingency plans in place for 2021 which we will announce in due course, and very much hope that we will all be able to get together again soon. In the meantime, we hope you are all keeping  well and staying safe.


IWC Achievement Award 2020
(Kindly donated by Eileen Cooper in memory of her husband Tim and their Wolfhounds, Bess and Moira.)

The award has traditionally been made at the club rally, with candidates being taken from those present and the winner selected by the committee on the day. Winners might be hounds who, for instance, serve as PAT dogs,  are  blood donors, have helped raise money for charity or have overcome significant problems.

This year with the restrictions on gatherings we were unable to hold the rally so we widened the scope of the award and invited club members to nominate either their own Wolfhound, or one belonging to another member. The candidates' details were circulated to those club members for whom we have email addresses who voted for the hound they considered most worthy.

The committee is pleased and proud to announce that the winner of the
2020 IWC Achievement Award is:

Caroline and Clive Sheppard's Hopi, with 36 votes.
Hopi's story
We rescued Hopi at four weeks in May 2014. Many of her breeder's other dogs were ill or injured, needing veterinary attention. Hopi had been left for several days with a badly broken leg. The vets thought it might need amputation.
Hopi's leg was in a cast for eight weeks, and then needed six months of intensive physio and hydrotherapy. Although it was painful and relentless, she remained brave and determined.
By a year old, having fought two bouts of pneumonia, she was fit, healthy and using the leg normally.

In August 2015, the RSPCA prosecuted the breeder for cruelty to Hopi and other animals. The evidence Hopi helped us gather put an end to this breeder's hoarding and neglect. Fifty-six dogs were involved.

We were granted custody of Hopi. She remains a much loved member of our family and was one of the inspirations for setting up PAWS.
Caroline Sheppard


Click here for the photos and stories of the other entrants,
every one of them a very special wolfhound.


May 2020
Important Announcement for Breed Mentors/Observers
Following recent announcements by the Kennel Club concerning the way forward for the Judges Competency Framework, new criteria now apply for Breed Mentors and Observers.  The current list has been removed from the KC website and will be compiled afresh.

The new criteria are as follows:
MENTOR:            Persons who have bred/owned two UK champions in the breed and awarded CCs  
                             more than once.
OBSERVER:         Persons who have bred/owned more than two UK champions in the breed and
                               awarded CCs at least three times.

 Should you wish to be considered as a mentor and/or observer and meet the new criteria, please apply directly to Sue Cole, the Breed Education Co-ordinator to indicate willingness to be included on the list (REGARDLESS OF WHETHER YOU HAVE BEEN LISTED PREVIOUSLY).  Please also indicate which of the four mentoring experiences you wish to be involved in: group mentoring, one to one, Special Award classes or student judge.

For those who don’t meet these amended criteria but would like to be considered, please contact a  breed club who will submit names to the BEC for inclusion, per the KC guidelines (ie who have the support of at least 50% of the breed bodies). These lists will then be submitted to the KC Judges Committee who will consider the nominations.


Statement from the Kennel Club
"The safety and security of competitors, spectators, volunteers and staff at Kennel Club events continues to be of paramount importance. In light of the continued restrictions as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Kennel Club has taken the decision with regret to extend its strong recommendation that clubs and societies cancel forthcoming events until the end of September and that serious consideration should be given to events due to be held after this date.  

It is vitally important that those responsible for organising events, large or small, conduct a risk assessment which will include ensuring that the event is Covid secure, i.e being compliant with Government advice and guidance on COVID-19.  We will be working on further advice to clubs and societies on the issues which need to be addressed in a risk assessment once the Government publishes further guidance or instruction.

This latest recommendation is based on all advice issued by the Government so far which continues to restrict non-essential travel and maintain social distancing.  The Kennel Club also recommends that alternative arrangements continue to be put in place regarding other activities such as meetings, seminars and training classes."

Taking the above into account, it is necessary for us to cancel the IWC Championship Show scheduled for 31st August.  We realise this is disappointing but, as ever, the health and welfare of our members is paramount.
We will continue to keep you updated on any further developments.  Keep well and stay safe everyone.


Annual General Meeting
Following the Irish Wolfhound Club postal AGM, the results are as follows:
The minutes of the 2019 Special General Meeting accepted with no objections.
The adoption of accounts accepted with no objections.
Honorary three year memberships granted to:
Mrs Pauleen Ashby, Mrs Pat Box, the Hon Mrs Gillian Fane, Miss Betty Murphy.
Irish Wolfhound Club Championship Show 2023: Judge Mr Chris Amoo (Sade)


To all our members:
We hope you, your families and hounds are  remaining safe and well throughout this extended lockdown period. It's a  difficult and trying time for everyone, but is what we need to do to  get through this. Please remember we are always at the end of an email  or phone call if you ever feel isolated or concerned and would just like  to talk.

We know that some of our members have succumbed to the virus and we wish anyone that has been through it, or is currently going through it, a swift and full recovery.

The  list of show cancellations continues to grow and there is little more  that can be done at present other than carry on following the government, PHE and KC guidelines and wait and see what happens. The Irish Wolfhound Health Group is keeping people updated with any heart testing session  cancellations so, if you have something booked, make sure you check with  their website.

The Irish Wolfhound Club Social Group has been set  up on Facebook and is a place just for club members to have a little fun and  general banter and is intended to help keep our spirits up as we while  away the days. We would be very happy to see you there!

Stay safe everyone, and keep well.

The Officers and Committee of the IW Club
The oldest Irish Wolfhound club in the world.
Established in 1885 by Capt George Augustus Graham.
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