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May 2018
Breed Education Co-ordinator 
Mrs Sue Cole has been appointed as the elected Kennel Club Breed Education Co-ordinator,  representing the Irish Wolfhound Club, the Irish Wolfhound Club of Nothern Ireland, the Irish Wolfhound Club of  Scotland and the Irish Wolfhound Society. Details of the role can be found here 


April 2018
Code of Conduct
At the recent AGM point 20 of the Code of Conduct was amended to read as follows (additional text in italics):

20  Agree that all hounds used for breeding take part annually in a heart testing scheme approved by The Irish Wolfhound Club: the minimum requirement being examination by stethoscope, ECG and Ultrasound Scan. Members are reminded that the Irish Wolfhound Health Group website provides a facility to publish these results.
To read the Code of Conduct in full, click here.


February 2018
Committee statement 
The committee are disappointed that a proportion of the membership feel the need to debate a committee decision on social media without any knowledge of the facts the committee took into consideration when arriving at their decision. The committee would point out that they are elected by the membership and have full power to deal with all matters arising which are not provided for in the Club Rules (Rule 1a). The provision of club shows and the associated schedules, trophies, prize cards etc therefore lie within their discretion. The committee assures the membership that the decision to suspend the Dave and Jean Malley Memorial classes was taken after a full and in depth debate. At this juncture we would point out that letters of concern regarding recognition of previous club officials had been received from respected members. Special Beginners classes in accordance with KC recommendations are being considered for the future along with the introduction of a Champion class and Memorial classes.

The oldest Irish Wolfhound club in the world,
established in 1885 by Capt George Augustus Graham.
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