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August 2023

1  No dogs to be left unattended in cars.
2  All dogs must be kept on a lead including in the exercise paddocks.
Please ensure you comply with these rules which are conditions of hire of the KC building.


May 2023 - AGM news
The club AGM was held on 14 May and we would like to thank all members who were able to attend.
The membership approved an increase in fees from 1st January 2024 as follows:
  • Associate membership:  single £12, joint £20 (an increase of £4 pa/33p per month)
  • Full membership:             single £18 (an increase of £6 pa/50p per month)
                                                          joint £30 (an increase of £10 pa/41p per month)

This is the first increase that the club has asked for in over fifteen years, and with rising costs it was unfortunately necessary. If any member is experiencing difficulties please contact the treasurer or secretary to discuss how we can help.

We are currently working on a new format for the magazine and are looking to produce two smaller but more current editions per year, the first hopefully being available for our open show in August. We are also looking at a monthly newsletter which will be available either on line or via email.
Under the Irish Wolfhound Health Group Regional Heart Screening Scheme the club will continue to pay for the first heart screening in seven year olds and a second test in any twelve month period  in super veterans (those over 8).

Sue Cole is now a vice president as well as chairman, and Kate Sharratt is an additional co-opted committee member.


May 2023
Debbie Tebbutt is now the Breed Education Co-ordinator.


September 2022
Breed Education Co-ordinator
After four years in the role, Sue Cole will be stepping down as Breed Education Co-ordinator for Irish Wolfhounds. We are looking for someone experienced in the breed, good with people, organised and who has time on their hands to take over the mantle and continue the progression of those who already judge or wish to take the first steps on the ladder.

The role of the BEC is defined by the Kennel Club as follows:
‘A breed education co-ordinator (known as the BEC) is an administrative role to co-ordinate all points of breed-specific education and support for judges up to CC awarding level. This co-ordinating role is held on behalf of the breed clubs in order to support the breed clubs’ obligations under the Judges Education Programme (Breed Shows) for the education and training of judges. The BEC is, therefore, someone who will work with breed clubs/breed council to assist and monitor level 1–3 judges who wish to progress through the breed-specific judging levels, with the purpose of helping each judge to identify opportunities for them to enhance their knowledge of the breed right through to achieving level 4. The BEC’s role is not intended to remove the responsibility for a judge’s education process from a breed club/breed council. The BEC is a key co-ordinating role on behalf of the Judges Education Programme (Breed Shows) for the education and training of judges.’
Further information on who can apply to be a KC BEC and their responsibilities can be found here.
If you feel this could be you, we’d like to hear from you.
Initial enquiries or applications should be addressed to

The oldest Irish Wolfhound club in the world.
Established in 1885 by Capt George Augustus Graham.
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