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March 2020
Facebook group
We have set up an Irish Wolfhound Club social group on Facebook to keep us  connected throughout this difficult time. It's for club members only and  for FUN only and you are very welcome to join us. There will be  occasional quizzes and photo contests etc. just for light-hearted  entertainment, not reward! (Unless we run the odd 'spot prize' event).  We encourage contributions to the quizzes etc, if you have something you  think would be enjoyed by the group members.  All ideas and suggestions very much welcome and you can post them on the group!

As ever, stay safe and keep well.


Following recent developments, we have been working on a contingency plan for club events going forward. Obviously, these will depend entirely on the ongoing situation and based on advice received from the government and health authorities but, for now, this is what we are working towards:

The AGM will be held as soon as it is possible to do so, but will be dependent on venue availability. Members will be duly notified when an arrangement is in place. Meanwhile, please retain your the AGM paperwork.

The IW Club Championship Show is re-scheduled to 31 August 2020 at the KC Building, Stoneleigh, judge Chris MacLeod.  Please note that Fosse Data will deal with refunds for online entries already made for the postponed show in April.  Exhibitors who have made a postal entry will be contacted with regard to their payments.

Due to the cancellation of shows over the next three months, the Wolfhound of the Year is postponed for this year. Any hounds that have already qualified will be carried over to next year’s event scheduled for 31 October 2021.

The Open Show, due to take place on 31 August 2020, will be moved to 5 December 2020 at the KC Building, Stoneleigh, judge John Sumner.  We very much hope we will be through the worst of things by then and intend to make it a Christmas party themed event and very much hope you will all come along to enjoy the day.

Please keep monitoring our website and Facebook page for any further updates.

As ever, keep yourself, your family and your hounds safe and well.


February  2020
IW Health Group Heart Testing
We are pleased to announce that the Irish Wolfhound Club will subsidise  half the cost of any second test per annum for super-veterans being  examined through the IW Health Group's excellent heart testing scheme. Full details of locations and dates  can be found on  their website. The Health Group will continue to subsidise the cost of the first  session per annum for all super-veterans and the Irish Wolfhound Rescue  Trust are again able to cover the cost for any Irish Wolfhound rescued  through the Trust.

January 2020
Wolfhound World Wildlife Warriors donation
Following the devastating fires in Australia, the Irish Wolfhound Club has donated £500 to Wolfhound World Wildlife Warriors who are working tirelessly to help the wildlife so badly affected.  Proceeds from the raffle held at the Championship Show in April will also be donated to the cause . We send Mel and her helpers our very best wishes as they continue working to help feed, water and house birds and animals that remain at risk.

If anyone wishes to donate privately they can do so via Paypal at


December 2019  
Happy Christmas to our members!
The officers and committee of the Irish Wolfhound Club wish all our members and their hounds a very merry Christmas and peace and happiness in 2020.

We would like to thank you all for your continued support throughout the year and let you know that we remain focused on putting forward new initiatives for the benefit of our wonderful hounds.  

A dog club is not primarily a fundraising organisation but we are very proud that, with the amazing support of so many generous people and the very hard work put in by the officers and committee throughout the year, we have raised a considerable amount of money for our chosen worthy causes, each of which is now in receipt of these funds.

Looking ahead to 2020, we look forward to welcoming members new and old to our various events held throughout the year and to continuing to lend help and support as necessary.


November 2019  
Irish Wolfhound Health Group
The Irish Wolfhound  Club wish to thank Rebecca Peek for all her hard work, both as Breed Health Co-ordinator for the Kennel Club and as Chair of the Irish Wolfhound Health Group over the years. Rebecca has worked tirelessly for the good of the breed, most particularly being instrumental in setting up the Regional Heart Testing Scheme, and we all owe her a huge debt of gratitude.

We would like to welcome the new Chair, Jean Timmins, and the new Breed Health Co-ordinator to the Kennel Club, Dr Maura Lyons; the Irish Wolfhound Club looks forward to working closely with them both in the future.


October 2019  
Nottingham University survey into vaccinations
PLEASE NOTE - this survey only covers vaccination practices in the UK

Dear Irish Wolfhound owners and breeders,

The subject of vaccination and re-vaccination is an area of much discussion and consternation with many owners choosing to use different strategies for various reasons. We have previously conducted a large study looking at the strategies around vaccination with one pedigree dog group. This provided some very interesting results.

After discussions with several other pedigree dog groups about vaccinations and the risks of contracting vaccinal diseases, we have decided to expand this research and conduct a similar survey looking into what owners of other breeds are choosing to do. Our aim is to expand our database of information by surveying owners from a number of different pedigree and non-pedigree dog breeds to understand what strategies they are using. In addition to this, and perhaps as important, is for us to understand what the influences and motivations are behind these strategies.

We hope that by collecting this information we will be able to understand more about the motivations behind the vaccine strategies used. We will also be able to determine whether there are particular trends for vaccinations amongst the owners of different pedigree and non-pedigree dogs. This will help us understand more about the possible risks of contracting vaccinal diseases. It is hoped that the discoveries from this project will enable us to use the information to help with the long-term health of the breeds involved. The survey will initially run for 7 weeks from the beginning of October and can be accessed here.

This project has undergone ethical review by the School of Veterinary Medicine and Science. If you have any questions then please contact or Megan, the project student working on this.

We look forward to working with you as always to help improve the long-term health of all of the dogs involved.

With best wishes

Megan Robson and Mark Dunning
University of Nottingham School of Veterinary Medicine and Science


September 2019  
Irish Wolfhound Club of Scotland 2020 Gaitherin'
To take place on Sunday 16 August 2020, in Tealing, Angus. Full details here.


July 2019
Judging arrangements during JCF review
The way in which judging appointments are dealt with for breed shows as of 2020 has had to be modified in view of the Judges Competency Framework (JCF) having been put on hold while a review is carried out, the Kennel Club has announced.

Until further notice, the Kennel Club has removed the requirement for all judges to have met JCF Level 1 or above or be on a B list or above in order to be able to judge from 1 January 2020. 

Show societies are also instructed that, during this interim period, future appointments should be offered based on the current criteria only, ie the traditional system involving judging lists, the number of dogs a judge has judged etc.

Due to the review, all judging appointments contracted on the presumption that judges would be on JCF Level 2 will be honoured. This is for judging contracts signed by 21 May 2019, the date of the Kennel Club AGM where it was resolved that a review of the JCF would take place. 

Judges who fit into the above category will be entitled to officiate over an unlimited number of classes of the relevant breed.

Championship shows are also asked that questionnaires be submitted for forthcoming CC appointments until further notice.

Any queries regarding the appointment of judges should be directed to


Judging Lists
All judging lists have now been updated and can be accessed via the "Judging" button on the main menu. 


Judges Competency Framework
The planned implementation of the JCF has been placed on hold pending a complete assessment of the scheme by an independent review body, For full details, click here.


The oldest Irish Wolfhound club in the world.
Established in 1885 by Capt George Augustus Graham.
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