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August 2021
KC Social Media Guidelines
As per Kennel Club guidelines, the Irish Wolfhound Club will not respond to comments or misinformation spread on social media sites, particularly anonymous ones.  If any Club member has any questions on any matter related to the running of the Club they should, in the first instance, contact the Club Secretary who will be happy to help.

March 2021
Changes to Committee:  click here for an updated list of committee members and their roles.

February 2021
Thinking of welcoming an Irish Wolfhound into your life?
There are many things to be taken into consideration when thinking of welcoming a giant breed into the household and you will find plenty of information on this website, including email and phone number details for the Puppy List Co-ordinator, as well as contact details for the Club Chairman and Secretary. There is also a link for those who may be interested in taking on a hound through the IW Rescue Trust, as well as links to many dedicated Wolfhound sites.

The Irish Wolfhound Health Group has a very informative website. This is well worth visiting before embarking on the journey to find the right breeder and hound for you. Under the ‘Downloads’ section you will find links to invaluable guides and of particular importance to those considering a hound are:

These contain lots of information about choosing the right puppy as well as life with an Irish Wolfhound.

Demand for puppies of all breeds has been incredibly high at this time, acquiring a puppy may necessitate a long wait and care must be taken to get a puppy that has been well reared and from a breeder that will allow you sight of mother and puppies and details of the father.  Make sure all health checks have been carried out with certificates provided and that exorbitant amounts of money are not being requested.

If in doubt, contact any one of the breed bodies who will be happy to help
and whose details you will find under the Links section on this website.

Heart Screening
As you’ll be aware, the Irish Wolfhound Health Group have worked hard to get heart screening sessions organised throughout the Covid-19 crisis but have been hampered in the number of sessions they’ve been able to run due to the restrictions imposed.  Anyone who is thinking about getting a hound heart screened and is unable to do so through the IWHG scheme might like to refer to this link to a list of cardiologists who are able to provide testing. Any arrangements should be made directly with the appropriate contact.

The Health Group are sharing a copy of this link on their website and IWHG heart screening sessions will continue to be organised as and when it is possible to do so. Full details will be available on their website.


The oldest Irish Wolfhound club in the world.
Established in 1885 by Capt George Augustus Graham.
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