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Irish Wolfhound Club Rally 2008
The rally took place at Leigh & Bransford Memorial Hall, Leigh Sinton, Worcestershire, in beautiful surroundings making a perfect setting for a memorable day. As usual, the day was a great success, although the forecast of bad weather with heavy storms did put some people off. We still managed a healthy attendance, and were grateful for the sunny warm afternoon.

Our President, Dagmar Kenis-Pordham, attended, helping to make the day run smoothly, welcoming people, chatting to them and meeting their hounds.

The barbecue was as good as ever, with mouth watering food cooked to perfection and served by Tom Brightmore and Mark Allan. The BBQ food would not be the same without the super salads, sweets & drinks prepared and served by the hard working kitchen staff of Pat Box, Elaine Catlow, Rosemary Brightmore and Jean Timmins, aided by Jan Pain, Jill Stayte and Mavis Wild.

As usual, we held a rescue parade. Sadly some of our usual owners and their hounds didn't make it this year, but those who arrived enjoyed chatting with Jan Pain, the new secretary, and it was her chance to meet and chat to the owners of our lovely hounds. She was in charge of taking the entries and presenting the owners with their rosettes, which they enjoyed receiving, and of course, the hounds enjoyed their goody bags. Every year we give a commentary on each hound, starting with the journey to his new home, whether the journey to collect was stressful or not, the hound's condition, and how the hound has settled, behaviour and health condition and if necessary if any improvements have been achieved. Thankfully, the majority of our hounds are in relatively good condition and the wonderfull character of our breed rarely lets us down.

The weather was kind, although we did have one sudden, short, heavy shower and one or two light, short showers. Many hardy folk didn't even bother to run for cover, and it was soon over and the afternoon was wonderful, with bright warm sunshine, just right for being outdoors and not too warm for the dogs.
Companion Dog Show

Judge: Carole Goodson

Carole Goodson Judged the pedigree classes and Anne Wilson the novelty classes. Between them, they had 29 dogs making an overall entry of 45 across the classes. They were ably assisted by stewards Dave Howe and Kathy Johnson, who also took the entries. We also welcomed just two veterans this year, looking wonderful and well cared for, owned by Jill and Emlyn Stayte and Sue and Chris Neal.
The two wonderful veterans who really enjoyed their day out -
Jill with Jennie and Sue with Mistie, both more than eight years old.
After the success of last year, the Club once again held a Dog of the Year contest. The owners list the dog's special achievements, or how they have helped or made a difference. Those who entered were all worthy of winning, but one dog just stood out on the day: Milo, bred owned and loved by Sue & Chris Neal. Milo regularly gives blood, and has done since he was a year old. Around 20 dogs have been fortunate to receive his blood, although sadly not all have survived, Sue and Chris will continue to donate blood from their dogs in the hope that another dog owner will have their pet for longer. Milo is just one of Chris and Sue's Wolfhounds to donate blood, following his mother and grandmother, and now his children Merrick and Maya are taking up the reins. They can certainly be very proud that their hounds are making a difference.
Mandy and Freya - A V Hound winner
Ian with Ash - A V Puppy winner
Sue with Milo and Dagmar Kenis-Pordham, Club President
Anne & Rossie - A V Open winner
Nigel with Freddie -
A V Sporting winner
Fun Dog Show

Judge: Anne Wilson
Evie, the dog with the waggiest tail, and her owner, Rebecca.
Bess, the dog the judge would most like to take home with her,
with owner Jayne, and Anne Wilson.
Handsomest dog, Benson, and owner, Jo.
Prettiest bitch, Freya, and owner, Mandy.
Best cross-breed, Jake and owner, Adele
Best fancy dress, Lydia and Fred
Dog most like its owner, Magic and Tony
The Rescue Parade

Rescue owners and their beloved hounds with Jan Pain, the new Rescue Secretary (centre)
Fun and Games

Keith Harmer ran one or two fun classes with help from Mavis Wild. They were very popular and raised a laugh for everyone, including the dogs, who enjoyed eating the sausages.

Preparing for the first of the sausage races.
Sausage race under way! Great fun had by all - but mostly the dogs.
Dagmar (in blue) mingling as people were arriving.
Early hours, 10-30 am, gazebos just set up, with BBQ ready to go.
One of the gazebos being put to good use, but don't let this picture give the wrong impression. In true British spirit we all laughed through the rain, all events carried on as usual and the day was enjoyed by all. Pictured are some who didn't run for the main hall during the heaviest downpour of the day. There were one or two other light showers during the morning but they didn't bother us. Although the day started off with heavy rain that most of us had travelled through, by the time the gazebos and rings were set up it had stopped. The ring and gazebo experts were rather wet but they soon dried off in the warm bright sunshine which followed in the afternoon. The weather turned out to be almost perfect for dogs and owners. We are fortunate that in over 25 years of Club rallies we have had less than handful of wet days.
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