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Irish Wolfhound Club Rally 2013
By 2.00 pm the Rally was underway. An auction was held for a limited edition print of Colleen Ellis's painting "Waiting for Dad", donated by Colleen and won by Donita Mills, and for a giant dog bed donated by Jean Malley and won by Liz Thornton.

The Rescue Parade, for hounds rehomed by the Rescue Trust, included David Eyes with Eva, Karen Cox with Izzy and Paddy Grice with Cara and Tegan.

The Veterans' Parade, for all wolfhounds aged 7 and over, included Gill Griffin with Moon; aged 9 years and 2 months, Sandy Gilbert with Lucy; aged 10 years and 6 months, Paddy with Cara; aged 7 years and 2 months, and Jan Pain with Cimmy; aged 8 years and 6 months.
Donita Mills was delighted with her limited edition Colleen Ellis print.
"What am I bid for this splendid dog bed?!!"
There was a brisk trade at the entry table for
the Companion Dog Show and the Novelty Classes. 

Judge: Tracey Clark
Best in Show: Karen Gregory's Mole
Reserve Best in Show: Wendy Heather's Dave
Best Puppy: Gary and Elaine Bogart's Ozy
Best Veteran: Anne and Paul Vaudin's McKenna
Best Any Variety Puppy
Best Any Variety Sporting
Gary and Elaine Bogart's Ozy
Wendy Heather's Dave
Best Any Variety Hound
Best Any Variety Veteran
Gary and Elaine Bogart's Ozy
Paul and Anne Vaudin's McKenna
Best Any Variety Hound
Best AV Junior
Karen Gregory's Mole
Paddy Grice's Ealga


Judge: Tracey Clark
Prettiest Bitch
Keith and Marilyn Pursglove's GBGV, Fable
Dog Most Like its Owner
Most Handsome Dog
Paul and Anne Vaudin's Rafferty
Best Fancy Dress
Paddy Grice and Remy - no contest!
Donita Mills and Caoimhe-the-Hippy
Waggiest Tail
Best Six Legs
Neil Lewin's Logan
Paul Vaudin and Rafferty
Dog of the Year
The winner of the Dog of the Year competition was announced as Gill and Paddy Grice's Cara, in recognition of her unstinting service to sick dogs as a blood donor. These deeds have not gone unnoticed elsewhere, having appeared in their local newspaper bidding to raise other dog owners' awareness of how vitally important this donor service is to the canine community in general. Gill and Paddy regularly attend local events with their hounds to further highlight this aim.

And finally . . . 

Fun and Games were intended to ensue thereafter, but a quick poll of those present proved a majority thought it too hot and so the day came to a close and everyone spent some time stocking up on cold water and preparing for their journeys home. Nonetheless, a good time had been had by all . . .
The journey home begins - see you all next year!
The show was kindly sponsored by pet nutritionists, Happy Dog.
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