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The Irish Wolfhound Club offers trophies at all of its club shows and also at some general championship shows. Trophies are only offered to club members and may not be taken out of mainland UK. Club show trophies are presented on the day of the show. General champ show trophies are presented annually at the AGM.
Exhibitors should note that by taking any club trophy home they agree to be responsible for the safe keeping and safe return of that trophy. Any loss or damage that occurs whilst the trophy is in the care of the exhibitor is the sole responsibility of the exhibitor, who agrees to indemnify the Irish Wolfhound Club against any such loss or damage.    
Trophies should be returned to the trophy steward in person, or very carefully packed and sent by insured and recorded delivery. 

NoTrophyAwarded for

Graham Shield 
Best in Show 
2Irish Guards Shield 
Best Opposite Sex in Show 
53Irish Guards Cup 
Reserve Best in Show 
3Halcyon Challenge Cup 
Best Puppy in Show 
8Best Dog Under 2 Years
9Best Bitch Under 2 Years
13Finloren Cup 
Best Novice 
5Brabyns Cup 
Best Limit 
14Zephyr Trophy 
Best Veteran in Show 
10Bredonswicke Movement Cup 
Best Conformation & Movement
4Champion Clodagh Cup 
Best Head, Eyes & Expression 
6Stud Dog Cup 
Best Progeny in Show 
7Brood Bitch Cup 
Best Progeny in Show 
11Height Cup 
Tallest Dog 
12Boroughbury Height Cup 
Tallest Bitch 
14aCaptain Graham Memorial  
Graham Memorial Class Winner 
21Ifold Loving Cup 
Best of RCC Winners 
35IW Association Cup 
RCC Winner -Best Opposite Sex to Ifold Cup  
NoTrophyAwarded for
77Hibeck Shield 
Best in Show 
72Sanctuary Trophy 
Reserve Best in Show 
73Rathdaws Trophy 
Best Opposite Sex in Show 
80Zarameg Trophy 
Best Puppy in Show 
76Tralee Cup 
Best Novice 
NoTrophyAwarded for
52Rathdaws Trophy
Best in Show 
54Ederyn Trophy 
Reserve Best in Show 
81Susan Hudson Memorial 
Best Opposite Sex in Show 
55Arraghglen Trophy 
Best Dog 
56Baldeagle Trophy 
Best Bitch 
58Eaglescrag Trophy 
Best Puppy in Show 
60Franshaw Trophy 
Best Junior 
24Ouborough Trophy 
Best Yearling 
63Brabyns Trophy 
Best Special Beginner 
61Delorne Trophy  
Best Novice 
59Delkerry Trophy 
Best Post Graduate 
62Petasmeade Trophy 
Best Limit 
57Sulhamstead Trophy 
Best Open 
64Braehead Rose Bowl 
Best Veteran in Show 
NoTrophyAwarded for
15Champion Urla Cup 
Best Bitch - Crufts 
16Sulhamstead Challenge Salver 
Best Of Breed  - Crufts 
17Kennel Club Challenge Cup  
Best Opposite Sex - Crufts 
18Non-Champion Cup - Dog 
RCC Winner (not a champion) - Crufts 
19Non-Champion Cup - Bitch 
RCC Winner (not a champion) - Crufts 
20Baileybooth Strohmenger Bowl 
Best Of Breed - Birmingham National 
25Lady Gardner Beaker 
Best Post Graduate - WELKS 
26WELKS No 1 Cup 
Best of Breed - WELKS 
27WELKS No 2 Cup 
Best Opposite Sex  - WELKS 
28Veterans Cup 
Best Over 5 Years - WELKS 
29Sulhamstead Challenge Cup 
Best Junior - WELKS  
31Sulhamstead Challenge Cup 
Best Under 18 months - Blackpool 
32Ouborough Challenge Cup 
Best of Breed -Blackpool 
33Challenge Cup 
Best of Breed - Windsor  
34Typical Head Cup 
Best Head - Windsor 
36Sulhamstead Challenge Cup 
Best Junior - Windsor 
37Sulhamstead Challenge Cup 
Best Bitch - Houndshow 
38Van Brunts Cup 
Best Dog - Houndshow 
40Knightellington Cup 
Best of Breed - East of England 
41Knightellington Cup 
Best Novice - East of England 
42Knightellington Cup 
Best Junior - East of England 
43Knightellington Cup 
Best Dog - Richmond 
44Knightellington Cup 
Best Bitch - Richmond 
46Buckhurst Trophy 
Best of Breed - City of Birmingham 
47Ystwyth Cup 
Best of Breed - Welsh Kennel Club  
48Noel Nichols Memorial Trophy 
Best of Breed - Bath 
49Clonara Cup 
Best of Breed - Paignton  
50Sulhamstead Challenge Cup 
Best Dog - Manchester 
51Perpetual Challenge Trophy 
Best Bitch - Manchester  
74Bracken Plate 
Best Junior - SKC (May) 
66Brabyns Trophy 
Stud Dog - Scored by Progeny 
69Samando Trophy 
Points at Champ Shows for CC, RCC, BOB etc 
70Van Brunts Cup 
Points at Champ Shows for 1st, 2nd, 3rd Dog 
71Sanctuary Cup 
Points at Champ Shows for 1st, 2nd, 3rd Bitch
78North West Shield 
Best of Breed - Leeds 
79North West Shield 
Best of Breed - Border Union

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The oldest Irish Wolfhound club in the world.
Established in 1885 by Capt George Augustus Graham.
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