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2021 Yearbook
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Due to the Covid pandemic, the 2021 AGM was a postal AGM held following Kennel Club guidelines. The positions of Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer were filled by Sue Cole, Debbie Treadwell and John Sharpe respectively. The vacancies on the Committee were filled by Mrs Helen Sheppard, who had been co-opted onto the Committee during the year and Ms Nicola Keeling. They joined re-elected members Mrs Mandy Addington, Dr P Das Purkayastha, Mr Alan Lefley, Mrs Hazel Barnes, Mr Kevin Campbell-Woodford and Mrs Sonali Das Simpson.

The judges’ ballot for the 2024 Championship show held in April was won by Mr Tim Finney (Gulliagh)…….. STOP PRESS…………Exciting news…… the Kennel Club have awarded the Irish Wolfhound Club a second set of CCs for 2024. A second Championship show will be held on the August Bank Holiday Monday (in conjunction with the Open show as per KC requirement that a second show is not held as a stand-alone event).  This will be held, as normal, at the Kennel Club Building, Stoneleigh, and is to be judged by Mrs Caroline Sheppard (Goldswift) who was second in the ballot.  John Sumner was invited to judge the 2020 Open show which unfortunately due to the pandemic, had to be cancelled and is now scheduled to be held on the August Bank Holiday in 2022. Mrs Helen Sheppard will be judging the Limited show, being held in conjunction with the Hound Association Championship Show at Stafford in July.

The Limited Show 2021 was held in conjunction with the Hound Association Championship Show at Staffordshire County Showground on the 17th July. From an entry of 38 judge Maria Hall awarded BIS to Ms K Gregory & Ms N Warwick’s Cairnstorm Keepsake.  RBIS and Best Novice was Mrs A Fox’s Newdigate Doris Day. Best Puppy went to Ms W Heather’s Whiteorchard Aurora .

The 42nd Championship Show was at last held on 30th August 2021, at the Kennel Club Building, Stoneleigh. The officiating judge Mrs Chris Macleod (Brachan),  drew an entry of 76.  Dog CC and Best in Show was Ludovica Salamon’s ITA Ch Pendragon Della Bassa Pavese, Bitch CC, Best Opposite Sex and Res Best in Show was Chris and Julie Amoo’s Ch Sade Rainbow. Reserve Best Dog was awarded to Chris and Julie Amoo’s Ch Sade Paris with Reserve Best Bitch going to Ludovica Salamon’s ITA Ch Miranda Della Bassa Pavese . Best Puppy went to Wendy Heather’s Whiteorchard Ad Astra and Best Veteran was Caroline and Clive Sheppard’s Ch Conmeryl Miss Scarlet For Goldswift.

The Captain Graham Memorial Class was judged by Mrs Miranda Brace and she chose D Treadwell’s Floydian Savanna as her winner, handled beautifully by Sonali .

The Open show, judged by Ms Clare Boggia (Boughton), was held in conjunction with the Championship show. Fortunately, the weather conditions on the day were favourable and Clare judged outside in one of the paddocks where plenty of space allowed for social distancing. Her Best in Show was Debbie Tebbutt’s Caredig Destiny. Best Opposite Sex and Res Best in Show was Kim Webb’s Goldswift Mission Possible For Inkleyboys. Best Puppy was Don and Wendy Reeves’ Whiteorchard Arcturus and Best Veteran Caroline and Clive Sheppard’s Ch Conmeryl Miss Scarlet For Goldswift, who was having a great day snaffling sandwiches and sausages.

Wolfhound Of The Year was held on 31st October 2021 with a spooky Halloween theme created by the talents of Caroline and Sue. The three mystery judges were introduced as , Chris Amoo (Sade) Liz Cartledge (Ryslip) and Pam Sumner (Ballyphelan). They found their Wolfhound Of The Year in Mrs T Sumner’s CH Dukesaram Chiara,Young Adult Wolfhound Of The Year in D  Treadwell’s Floydian Savanna,Young Wolfhound Of The Year Miss W Heather’s Whiteorchard Ad Astra,runner up Young Wolfhound Of The Year Wolfhound Of The Year was Mrs M Severn-Kumars Gaelmarque Russet Roman and Veteran Wolfhound Of The Year was Dr C.T and Mrs C.E Sheppard’s CH Conmeryl Miss Scarlet For Goldswift who was showing no signs of her advancing years and thoroughly enjoying all the attention she was getting .

Our second Championship show of the year, the 43rd , was held on 12th December 2021 at the Kennel Club Building, Stoneleigh, and again the talents of Caroline and Sue gave the show a very “Christmassy “ feel. The officiating judge ,Jean Timmins (Cornovi) drew an entry of 74.  Bitch CC, and Best in Show was Mrs A Fox’s Barrassy’s Copyright JW ,Dog CC and Reserve Best in Show was Dr P and Miss S Das Purkayastha’s Ballyphelan Asanol Among Neckrebagh , Reserve Dog CC  was awarded to Pam and John Sumner’s Ballyphelan Amadeus,Reserve Bitch CC going to D Treadwell’s Floydian Savanna, handled by Caroline . Best Puppy went to Mrs K Gregory and Mrs N Warwick’s Cairnstorm Renegade and Best Veteran was R Cramphorn’s Yelxba Victoria SHCM.

The Captain Graham Memorial Class was judged by Nic Bailey ( Greyflax ) who found her winner in Louise Pinkney’s Hydebeck Dream of Dreams.

Sue Wilkinson took up the reins of Show Secretary this year, and her experience ensured the smooth running of all of the shows, along with our Chief Steward Mr Alan Lefley and all of the rest of the committee who work so hard to make these events a success. Our kitchen angels, Pat Box and Pauline Ashby, did us all proud with the sumptuous complementary finger buffets followed by the most delicious cakes made by baker extraordinaire Julie Amoo.

Lastly, I would like to say a huge thank you to our Chair Mrs Sue Cole. She works tirelessly in the background not only as Chair but also our BEC, organising various educational days so that our judges may progress. We are all lucky to have her.

2021 got off to a rocky start with lockdown, but hopefully that is now behind us and we can all look forward to meeting up with friends again, and getting out and about with our wonderful hounds.

Debbie Treadwell



While we all know that 2021 was still challenging as Covid-19 remained, at least we hoped that things were getting back to some sort of normalcy. We recognized that owners were eager to get their hounds' hearts examined, and so we worked with our cardiologists and venue hosts to provide a safe environment for everyone.

In addition to our research projects, we completed the Breed Health and Conservation Plan (BHCP) with The Kennel Club. A Webinar was held on October 17th, 2021, featuring Dr Jean Dodds who discussed vaccines and antibody testing; and two new committee members were welcomed to the team, Denise Pateman and Ann Donaldson, both experienced Irish Wolfhound owners, and we are delighted to have them join the IWHG.

Heart Screening
A total of 23 sessions were organised during 2021 enabling 261 hounds to be heart screened of which 6sixwere rescue hounds and 25 super veterans. The IWHG subsidised the heart screening of 22 super veteran hounds and the IWRT the six rescue hounds. As we know how crucial these sessions are to everyone, we would like to thank not only our cardiologists but also our hosts for ensuring that the sessions have been conducted in a controlled and safe manner. The cardiologists that worked with us during 2021 deserve a huge thank you, and we hope Angela Bodey, Dave Fisher, Sheena Milne, Dave Dickson and Serena Brownlie will continue to work with us in 2022 as well.

Covid-19 has remained a constant feature in our lives but we continue to hope that we can increase the number of cardiologists we can call upon so that we can continue to offer these sessions. We are always hoping to add to our pool of cardiologists so that we can offer more sessions and in areas where hound numbers warrant presence.

We still had to ensure Covid-19 protocols were in place to comply with BVA / VCS and Health & Safety guidelines albeit we were more practised at it. To all those who have attended a session during 2021 - thank you for working with us to maintain appropriate levels of compliance.

In 2021 we reluctantly had to increase the Heart Screening fee from £65 to £75 which will remain in place during 2022. Super veterans are still paid for by the IWHG for the first test. The second test for that year is half paid for by the Irish Wolfhound Club. Hounds rescued through the Trust are paid for by the Trust, unless classed as super seterans when SV subsidy will apply. We will maintain our commitment to delivering the same screening fee in all areas of the country regardless of any variation in session numbers. Offering the full three-part screening certainly remains exceptional value at £75. Anne Vaudin has continued to fill a very key role in the heart screening booking process, and we extend our thanks to her for being so organised and being the vital link between cardiologists, venue hosts and you the owners.

Wendy Heather has already started booking heart screening sessions for 2022 and if you want to be notified when sessions are available to book then please complete the form on the Dates & Locations page on the IWHG Website. Booking a place on a heart screening session remains a very easy process. Complete the on-line booking form on our website and you will be sent an invoice and confirmation of your booking slot and venue address details.

The result of your hound's heart screening and all information provided, remains confidential between owner and cardiologist. The regional cardiologists forward all heart screening results to Dr Serena Brownlie to include in her own database. Copies are provided for owners to keep and to give to their own vets. The cardiologist will advise the owner of any dog who may require further investigation/ treatment to consult with their own vet, for onward referral if necessary.

Please note: The IWHG does not receive copies of your hounds' results. However, you can choose to submit them to the webmaster for publication on the IWHG website.

We would like to say a big THANK YOU once again to all our fundraisers and supporters, we sincerely appreciate all your efforts and generosity. The support and commitment from those who raise funds for Irish Wolfhound related causes, of which the Health Group is a regular beneficiary, is amazing.

Easy-fundraising continues to be a good source of donations with a total of £578 received in 2021, so thank you everyone who raises donations in this way. With more online shopping being done during the pandemic there’s an even bigger opportunity for us all to raise free donations for the IWHG. You can check out “how to” on our website or by using the following link:

Mandy Addington raised £4,040 through the annual raffle in March 2021 and in December 2021 the sale of calendars and cards raised a fabulous £5,826. In February this year there has been another amazing raffle which has raised £5,875 all of which has been split between a number of breed bodies. There is so much work involved when organising these fundraising events and the IWHG would like to congratulate Mandy and all those involved for their fundraising efforts and to say thank you so much for the IWHG donations.

We are also very grateful to those of you who donate regularly by standing order or by just a one-off payment. We know these are difficult times and we would like to express our gratitude to everyone who raises funds for the group - no matter how big or small - as every penny is very much appreciated. All our income is from donations that we receive, and we would like to thank each and every one of you who contributes to the group in any way, be that by giving money or providing prizes or your time and expertise for fundraising activities - every penny counts, and we sincerely appreciate all of you.
The accounts for the year to 31st December 2021 will be published once they have been audited.

The Team
We were joined by two additional committee members in 2021: Denise Pateman and Ann Donaldson. Many of you will know them well. Denise and her husband obtained their first IW in 1998. By 2005 they had moved house so they could share their lives with more Irish Wolfhounds. Denise has recently joined the committee for the IW Club.

Ann’s love of the Irish Wolfhound started in 1986 and has had many hounds over the years. She is on the committee of the IW Society as show secretary and judges at open shows.

Both Denise and Ann are passionate about their hounds and the preservation of the breed for the future. We welcome them to the team and to their contribution to the IWHG.

The University of Cambridge (AHT)
Following the demise of the AHT (Animal Health Trust) in 2020 many of the staff, the research, the biological samples and digital information accumulated over many years and entrusted to AHT have been transferred to the University of Cambridge, where the Kennel Club are rebuilding their Canine Genetics Centre. Cathryn Mellersh is still in charge of the Genetics Centre but Mike Starkey, who was the lead researcher on the Irish Wolfhound osteosarcoma project is no longer employed by them.

The IWHG had previously provided funding of £8,424.32 in 2016 in order to sequence in full six wolfhound genomes, five from osteosarcoma-affected dogs and one from an older hound unaffected by osteosarcoma. This was to allow the comparison of these genome sequences and hopefully identify DNA markers associated with an increased risk of developing osteosarcoma. Dr Starkey provided an exciting update to the audience at the IWHG 2017 seminar and then a further update in November 2019, which is available on our website at:

These six genomes are due to be made publicly available on the ENA (European Nucleotide Archive) sequence database: https://www.ebi.ac.uk/ena/browser/search.

The other area Dr Starkey was involved with was the collection of blood and swab samples from litters and healthy dogs in order to follow them throughout their lifetimes. These samples are safely stored in a freezer at the University of Cambridge. Currently there are samples from 440 wolfhounds. All of Dr Starkey’s project are currently classified as ‘inactive’ and in order to resurrect them more funding and further agreements would need to be in place. The IWHG are currently in discussion with Cathryn Mellersh at the KC Genetics Centre to see how best we can utilise the samples and information that have been collected.

In 2019, the Betterbred project launched under the direction of Dr Maura Lyons. The project aims to establish a baseline of genetic diversity for our breed and developing a tool for breeders to maintain the diversity which we have. When complete, the diversity test will provide a breeder with another tool in their quest to breed healthy hounds; giving them the option of selecting mates more broadly, being able to consider genotypes as well as phenotypes, alongside the more traditional methods of studying annotated pedigrees and considering coefficient of Inbreeding values.

The project has been slow to be supported as the cost for a diversity test in the research phase is $50 so to try and combat this, in 2021 the Irish Wolfhound Health Group decided to encourage participation by sponsoring a total of 26 diversity tests from hounds identified as being as distantly related as possible from the hounds whose diversity has already been tested and stored in the database. The first group of invitations were sent out to people to claim their free tests during 2021. The invitations were well received and once the news of the scheme had been released, we were delighted to receive a flurry of new submissions to claim their free test. The important aspect is that tests should be for dogs which are least related to the dogs already taking part in the scheme. The aim is to cover the entire range of diversity that currently exists within the Irish Wolfhound breed population. The process from submission / invitation stage to the owner carrying out the swab, putting it in the post back to the US is quite

The Betterbred project is likely to be another tool to use as part of an owner’s breeding plan. We will monitor the progress of this project and keep everyone updated but for more information see our website.

Vets suggesting surgical intervention in young puppies with misplaced deciduous lower canines, remains a concern. It is widely acknowledged that malocclusions of the deciduous teeth do not necessarily mean that the permanent teeth will be similarly affected. In addition, the final occlusion of the permanent teeth can continue to alter until the hound is 15 months or more.

We continue to direct owners and breeders to the information on our website and our puppy booklet is being updated to include guidance on dentition, in the hope that painful  and unnecessary surgery can be avoided.

Our immediate task remains to obtain sufficient information and photographic evidence to successfully challenge the Kennel Club's "Breed Watch" point, so that it only applies to wolfhounds over 18 months of age. The Health Group intends to approach the Kennel Club this year to request that further consideration be given to the "Breed Watch" point regarding the dentition of young Irish Wolfhounds.

We also hope to identify whether genetics play a significant part in the dental development of Irish Wolfhounds, as opposed to the known hereditary factors which apply more specifically to jaw formation. This would eventually enable breeders to make more informed choices when considering the blending of certain pedigrees.

If you have a litter, are expecting one soon, or own a puppy that your vet has told you has a mouth fault, please consider completing the survey on our website. If you are being advised to put your puppy through surgery, please do not hesitate to contact Caroline Sheppard, who can offer guidance to help you make a fully informed decision.You can read more on this subject in the 2020 summer newsletter and also on our website, where you will find photographs and guides for owners and vets.

Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs)
Our ultimate aim is still to support the establishment of EBVs for heart disease, but the process has stalled somewhat with the departure of Tom Lewis from the Kennel Club. We are maintaining communications with his successor, Joanna Ilska, but restrictions due to COVID have understandably slowed progress. This whole project is based on the database of heart screening results collected by Serena Brownlie over 30 years of testing our wolfhounds and curated by Malcolm Cobb at the University of Nottingham, so involving these partners is crucial. We will continue to work towards progressing this and will continue to keep you updated with any future findings.

As a reminder, back in 2018 Nottingham Veterinary School asked the breed to become involved in a new study on bloat (gastric dilatation volvulus/GDV), which was already underway with Deerhounds and Greyhounds. This project is based on owner reported incidences of bloat and GDV in their wolfhounds and comparison to dogs unaffected by bloating. Check out our 2021 winter newsletter where you can read a personal experience of this condition by Dr Maura Lyons.

This is still considered a very serious condition in Irish Wolfhounds so is well worth participating in the survey see our website for details.

The IWHG would like to remind everyone that we now recommend a new laboratory for livershunt testing. The IWHG has negotiated a discounted price for this test, and we encourage breeders to use this laboratory as they report anonymised annual statistics back to us to allow us to monitor the incidence of livershunt in the breed. In the first year of testing (2020) Cytopath conducted 74 tests, and in 2021 they processed 80 tests. From both years all tests were negative. As this is somewhat short of the number of puppies born each year there is a slight concern that some breeders may not be testing puppies. However, anecdotally, we believe this would be a very small number of litters and feel it is far more
likely that breeders and vets are still using other laboratories for the testing. In order to enable the IWHG to monitor the incidence of livershunt in the population we would encourage all breeders to utilise the discounted rate available from Cytopath. Forms for testing can easily be downloaded from the Health Group website.

This disease continues to be a serious health condition for wolfhounds and the IWHG is working with the University of Nottingham to obtain updated data from owners who have previously completed the pneumonia survey. This is an ongoing data collection project, and it is so important that we urge anyone who has had a hound affected with pneumonia to complete a survey. Please go to the Health Group website where you will find the online survey. All the data goes directly to Angela Bodey who, together with Mark Dunning, are carrying out the study into this condition.

Please also download our guides on pneumonia for owners and also the guide for veterinary surgeons which we would urge owners to give to their vets in advance of any issues. It is vitally important that owners can recognise the initial signs of pneumonia and that their vet is also educated to recognise the initial symptoms and to act quickly to get broad-spectrum antibiotic treatment into the hound as soon as possible to avoid negative outcomes.

Vaccinations Study / Titre Testing
We reported last year we planned to develop a guide on vaccinations based around the information presented at our seminar in 2019. We hoped to enlist the help of Steve Dunham but the pandemic has affected what we were able to achieve. We organised a virtual presentation with Jean Dodds on the subject which was attended by 60 attendees. Feedback was very complimentary and so we plan to organise more of these in the future.

There seems to be a lot of confusion on the whole subject of vaccinations. What gap should be left between inoculations and at what age to start them? Quite a lot of the confusion is from advice from vets and the vaccine manufacturers.

We will continue to work on this project and will update everyone when more news is available. We will also update the vaccination guide on our website to provide the latest information for owners.

Titre testing may well be the best way to understand how long immunity is lasting. Without the data on the various factors involved it is difficult to give any real guidance without measuring immunity. Collecting data on this subject is still something which the Health Group will investigate for the future.

FCE / Puppy Paralysis
The IWHG relaunched the FCE study and this was highlighted in an article in the 2021 winter newsletter. Caroline Sheppard heads this important study. It is often practical guidance that is needed immediately to get a puppy up and moving when they are diagnosed with this condition. Without owners contributing to this study and importantly learning from the experiences of others with hounds suffering with this condition we will find that more hounds must be euthanized when perhaps early intervention may have helped. It is all about learning from what has been done which helps a puppy and sometimes even understanding what things were done which weren’t helpful. We will continue to collect data on this project and provide updates either via our website or in future newsletters.

Congenital Blindness
Congenital blindness isn’t a very common occurrence in Irish Wolfhounds but we feel it is a condition we should investigate. At this stage we are just collecting case studies to see what conditions are thought to be the cause of the blindness and importantly how owners cope with their hounds and changes they make to their environment. If you have a hound that is diagnosed with this condition, please complete the survey on our website.

Breed Health Conservation Plan
Dr Maura Lyons as the Breed Health Co-ordinator submitted the BHCP (Breed Health & Conservation Plan) to the breed bodies for review and it was accepted without any changes. The Kennel Club have accepted the BHCP, and it has been added to our website.

As mentioned throughout this report there are a few surveys on the go so please do check out our website or obtain details from our 2021 winter newsletter. The more data we can collect and analyse the better position we will be in to help address some of the health issues and ultimately provide owners and sometimes vets with vital guidance or worthwhile information to help owners and their hounds

The Health Group is always on the lookout to bring owners relevant information for the benefit of owners and their hounds. You can find all of our newsletters on our website but a couple of articles we published in our winter 2021 issue you might want to check out were: GDV (Gastric Dilation Volvulus) and FCE (Puppy Paralysis Survey)

The IWHG are extremely grateful to you all for the contributions you make either via our surveys or contributing to conversations on our Facebook group. If you have a question, want some guidance on anything Irish Wolfhound health-wise, then get in touch. We have a large, international network of experienced vets and individuals, as well as researchers and veterinary academics to call upon when we need to, and all are willing to give of their time, experience and knowledge for the benefit of all of us. You will find ways to contact us on our website.

Thank you for your support throughout 2021 and we will continue through 2022 to keep everyone updated with the latest research, provide helpful guides and support when needed to owners and breeders.

Irish Wolfhound Health Group


During 2021 the Irish Wolfhound Rescue Trust received four hounds - three dogs and one bitch - ranging from just under a year to five years old. Two hounds (not from the same home) required rehoming due to the owners needing medical treatment and the fact that the size of our breed would have meant the hound’s quality of life would have suffered whilst the owners were recovering. One hound required a home as an only pet due to conflict with the other dogs within the home. Finally, the trust was able to assist with the rehoming of a hound that was residing within another rescue organisation.

Although numbers have been low for 2021, enquiries to discuss the rehoming of hounds have been high, with the vast majority requesting information in the event that owners are having to return to office life rather than working from home. There have of course been some hounds advertised via the internet or social media with varying price tags attached. Support through rescue has been offered and in a couple of cases the hounds remained with the owners who advertised them.

The breed seems to be in high demand, and therefore applications are healthy. However, not all are currently in a suitable situation to rehome a hound. Covid is still affecting the trust and I hope that with restrictions lifting for 2022 some form of normality can return. It is a worry that the demand for the breed may have a knock-on effect for rescue in a year or two if thorough checks on new homes are not undertaken before puppies are placed into new homes.

As always, the trust is grateful to all supporters and volunteers. Although the past few years have seen lower numbers than normal, it is important to remain vigilant. It is imposable to predict when a hound may need the aid of the rescue trust, therefore we remain as ever grateful to you all for helping us help those hounds in need. Thank you

Wendy Heather, Secretary
Irish Wolfhound Rescue Trust


All IWC show results, together with photos and judges' critiques, can be found via the main menu.

* denotes Best of Breed       (1) = no of CCs

Southern Counties,  Mrs A Macdonald
DCC Amoo's CH SADE PARIS *  (6)

East of England, Mrs J Peak
DCC Amoo's CH SADE PARIS  *   (7)

Hound Association, Mr A Murray
DCC  Anderson & White's CH WHITGLEN LEADER (3)
BCC   Amoo's CH SADE RAINBOW  *  (4)

Leeds, Mr K Pursglove
DCC  Tebbutt's CAREDIG DONOVAN  * (1)

Bath, Mrs D Treadwell
DCC Amoo's CH SADE PARIS *   (8)

Paignton, Mr T Johnston
DCC Amoo's CH SADE PARIS *   (9)

Bournemouth, Miss J Dove
DCC Amoo's CH SADE PARIS *   (10)

Blackpool, Mrs N Bailey
BCC   Amoo's CH SADE RAINBOW  *  (7)

Irish Wolfhound Club, Mrs C MacLeod

Richmond, Ms S Blackmore
DCC Amoo's CH SADE PARIS *   (11)

Darlington, Mr J Horswell

Birmingham National,  Miss A Ingram
DCC Amoo's CH SADE PARIS  (12)

Hound Association of Scotland, Dr R W James
DCC  Tebbutt's CH CAREDIG DONOVAN  *  (4)

SKC, Mr K Thornton
DCC  Tebbutt's CH CAREDIG DONOVAN  *  (5)

Border Union, Mrs D Redfern
DCC Amoo's CH SADE PARIS *   (13)

Belfast, Mr B Doak
BCC  Scott's CAREDIG RIOT  *  (1)

Irish Wolfhound Club of NI, Mrs A Messenger

Irish Wolfhound Club of NI, Mr A Lefley

Irish Wolfhound Club, Miss J Timmins

LKA, Mr C D Ashmore
DCC Amoo's CH SADE PARIS *   (14)


No trophies were awarded for 2021 due to Covid-19.

Photo: Tony Minett

Ch Sade Rainbow

Date of birth:  6 February 2018        Breeder/owner:  Mr C & Mrs J Amoo
First three CCs awarded at:  Hounds Assn 2019, Manchester 2020, Southern Counties 2021

Photo: Caroline Sheppard

Ch Whitglen Leader

Date of birth:  29 October 2015              Breeder/owner:  Mrs C Anderson & Mrs A White
First three CCs awarded at:  Border Union 2019, Hound Assn 2019, Hound Assn 2021

Photo: Tony Minett

Ch Caredig Donovan

Date of birth:  31 July 2018              Breeder/owner:  Mrs D E Tebbutt
First three CCs awarded at:  Leeds 2021, Blackpool 2021, Darlington 2021

Ch Whiteorchard Nebula

Date of birth:  18 May 2016              Breeder/owner:  Miss W Heather
First three CCs awarded at:  Three Counties 2018, Leeds 2021, Bournemouth 2021

Photo: Tony Minett

Ch/Ita Ch Pendragon Della Bassa Pavese

Date of birth:  3 September 2017        Breeder/owner:  Dr L Salamon
First three CCs awarded at:  Crufts 2019, IWC 2019, IWC 2021

Ch Dukesarum Chiara

Date of birth:  17 December 2016        Breeder/owner:  Mrs T Sumner
First three CCs awarded at:  Blackpool 2018, Hound Assn 2018, Richmond 2021

Photo: Tony Minett

Ch Sarabi Della Bassa Pavese

Date of birth:  14 November 2018       Breeder/owner:  Dr L Salamon
First three CCs awarded at:  Belfast 2019, Darlington 2021, National 2021

Ch/Ir Ch Isnalera Gimme Shelter At Gulliagh

Date of birth:  14 November 2018       Breeder: S & N McDonnell     Owner:  Mr T N, Mrs M A & Mr I Finney
First three CCs awarded at:  Darlington 2019, IWCNI 2019, IWCNI 2021

Photo: Tony Minett

Ch Caredig Destiny

Date of birth:  13 July 2018       Breeder/owner:  Mrs D E Tebbutt
First three CCs awarded at:  Hound Assn Scotland 2021, SKC 2021, LKA 2021


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